Shakhtar new stadium
Shakhtar Stadium, 2008
Shakhtar Stadium, 2008
Shakhtar Stadium, 2008
Directions and Management
Address:  83048 Donetsk , 189E Cheliuskintsiv str. 
Tel.:  +38 (062) 387-02-57

The new Stadium located in Leninsky Komsomol Park, Donetsk, Ukraine will be home of FC Shakhtar, a unique venue for Donetsk Region and the first stadium in Ukraine aspiring to UEFA 5-star status.
The overall project cost is 250 million dollars; it includes the architectural works, constructional works, and soil study, pitch installation, inside fitting, landscape and outside territory.
The new stadium will have capacity of 50 000 spectators.
The iconic features which make the stadium easily recognizable and memorable are oval shape, glass façade as external envelope of the building and glass roof. The special outside lighting in the evening will make the stadium sparkle like a diamond. One of the key features of the stadium is that all the spectators sit in a single bowl rather that four separate stands. The first row of the seats is very close to the field; on the corners the seating area is slightly curves to give spectators better view.
The Stadium orientation is North-South with main stand on the West side. It repeats the location of the Olympic Stadium to make a nice architectural ensemble. The roof slopes in the South East direction following the incline of the land and giving the pitch additional penetration of air and direct sun light.

The design of the Stadium was done by ArupSport a world leading architectural company that made designs of such stadium as City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester, England; Allianz Football Stadium, Munchen, Germany; Espanyol Football Stadium, Barcelona, Spain; Sidney Football Stadium, Sidney, Australia
The Stadium will have tree tires and two corporate levels with VIP boxes, restaurants and bars. There will be catering points provided to satisfy all the spectators.
There will be capacity for 170 wheelchairs spaces each with companion with special views over the heads of standing spectators in front on the lower tire and over the shoulders on the upper tire. Pass gates will be provided for wheel chair users at each of the turnstiles as well as special lifts.
The Stadium will have two giant screens and the majority of spectators will have a view of one of them.
There will be three main entrances to the stadium.
The Stadium will have natural pitch. To improve the potential quality of the pitch the extensive computer modeling was carried out to study the sunlight and ventilation at the pitch level.
The Stadium will incorporate the latest sophisticated systems for security, ticketing, access control, building management.