Mykhailo Fomenko: Let’s see who will be outsmarted on the field

Mon Aug 13

- I am happy to see all alive and healthy, but, unfortunately, I cannot say that our team is healthy. I would like to congratulate the stadium with anniversary and wish the national team to come at a higher level than now.

- Mykhailo Ivanovich, there is no secret, that Ukraine team has problems with injuries. Does it bother you before friendly match against Israel?

- Unfortunately, some key team players are injured. But tomorrow we will have a friendly game, more serious games will be in September. It is desirable that injured players to recover quickly and help us in the campaign. The main thing is that there would be no more new injuries in the future. Among those who will not help us in the game with Israel - midfielders Harmash, Yarmolenko, defenders Khacheridi and Selin. There are problems, but the main thing is that they wouldn’t compound.
What's next - life will show.

- How is timely the friendly match against Israel for the team, in spite of the injuries if a number of players?

- Timeliness in football - a rhetorical question. This match has been planned already, we have a plan of our matches. We have an excellent opportunity to communicate with the players, talk about business with each of them about how they feel in the clubs.
We are interested in their opinions, their present conditions.

- What is the problem facing the team for the match against Israel?

Israel is inconvenient, well-organized and disciplined team. There are players tehre, which will have to pay extra attention.
There are players who can affect on the result.

- What are the aims facing players for this match?

- In official matches we have to win, in friendly matches we have to go on the football field and please the audience with good football. The task is almost maximal, everyone understands that the current situation in the table for four teams - the same. All of them have a chance to lead the group. Tomorrow will be a game, there will be an interviews with players about the situation in the table, the official games.
We also must try something on the field.

- How the situation with the possible transfer of "Dynamo" Kiev defender Yevhen Khacheridi to "Shakhtar" Donetsk can affect on the player?

- It would be better if there were a little less conversation that knock player out of the normal mental cpnditions. The main thing is stability for the player. I think it can not affect on his game. If he wants, the deal will be or not going to happen. I wish he was in stable condition and played football.

- Do not bother you that the national team caused quite a few youth team players?

- We have candidates for the national team, we watch them.
There are not many players, but they are.

- Will you change tactic in the match with Israel, compared to the last Ukraine’s matches?

- Football is more stable than it was before. Some changes in tactics? Players should be faster, more athletic, quick thinking, challenge the ball throughout the match. They have to play with any team, one must know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. We study the game of the opponent and build upon the basis of this knowledge. Let’s see who will be outsmarted on the field".

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